Months before the inception of Mudita Yoga – Be Joy, I was asked if I was interested in spiritual activism. In that moment there was no clear response. I filled my heart with breath, and sat with that question. It became very clear to me that everyday is an opportunity to activate my spirit, my heart, and, in turn, to help others activate their spirit, their heart. Spiritual activism comes from the heart. The words then came easily – Yes! I am interested in spiritual activism – Yes! I work to live spiritual activism. What became even clearer was the passion to take spirit in-action to a new level, to guide people to activate their spirit toward the social issues that call to them.


The arena of spiritual activism is expansive and I believe Mudita Yoga is a space to bring this to life! We practice as a community, feel connection and unity to guide us to a deeper relationship with self. Now we can use the ground of our practice, the sense of oneness and love we cultivate on our mat, to activate our spirit in the world.


Yogis Being Joy! is the action of Spirit and Love. It is a forum to step out of “me into us” and cultivate a greater capacity for compassion, for love, for joy in the world. A fierce embrace of oneness to empower each other toward transformation.


Be the change! Be Joy!




Saturday, September 8

12:30 pm 

I love this opportunity with the Utah Food Bank.  We deliver boxes of food to our clients bringing just a little bit of joy to their bellies, their lives. So rewarding!



Friday, August 31

6:45  pm 


I am Italian. Simply put that means that sharing food equals sharing love!  My roots grow deep every time I get to be with the lovely men at the mission and serve them.  I feel such a liberation of spirit. 

New service opportunityExcited to support public schools working to empower our children.


This year Franklin Elementary will be the recipient.


Jason Tackett, a past student who has always been dear to my heart, teaches at Franklin. His work is powerful and he, along with the other Franklin faculty are creating a space to empower students to thrive in their educational experience.

We are grateful to support them in their efforts.

Franklin Elementary is a Title 1 school in Salt Lake City. 90 percent of students receive free or reduced lunch.

Here are Franklin's specific needs:

Pencils & Pencil Grips
Wide-ruled Paper
Markers (thin/thick)
Colored Pencils
Pencil-top Erasers
Glue Sticks (extra strength)
Composition Notebooks
Folders (strong/heavy duty)
Craft Materials
Books (any level 1st - 6th grade)
Stickers/small toys (incentives)
Paintbrushes (any size/kind) Watercolor/Tempera/Acrylic Paints
Colorful Sharpies
Colorful Paper (print/construction)
Art Paper (any size for painting)
Sports equipment

Please bring your donations to the studio through September 15.


 May our humble offering help them change the world!

Spots still open for all opportunities  - join me!

If you have a place, a passion, a partaking that you would like us to offer, contact Carrie at [email protected]

Infinite possibilities.