Gina Caputo returns!

Save the date!!!  Gina will return April 6 - 8, 2018!!! 

We are thrilled to have her back with us and look forward to sharing in her expertise, her humor, her passion!

Gina's passionate and inspirational style of teaching is a balanced fusion of alignment and flow, anatomy and energetics, focus and release, work and play.

Friday, Aug. 11 YINtrospectice 6:30 - 8:30 pm
For as much focus as there is on the external form of yoga (thanks Instagram!), the practice was always meant to illuminate the inner landscape and clear the veils of illusion (maya) that we're all susceptible to. This class begins with mindful, fluid movement to liberate your lifeforce and then settles into a contemplative Yin-style practice that gives us the opportunity to turn inward and cultivate an inner state of clarity, groundedness and centeredness. This is a full Integrated Vinyasa Flow class that emphasizes hip openers.

Sat., Aug. 12 Yogi Airlines: Flight 108 12:30-2:30 pm
Our asana practice offers us tremendous tools for whole-being transformation and some of the richest opportunities lie in the asanas that ask us to disrupt one of our oldest patterns, keeping our feet on the floor! Arm and hand balancing poses provide a potent opportunity to disrupt the status quo both in our bodies and in the way we perceive ourselves. In this class we'll invoke strength and courage by connecting with our physical and energetic core to shift our perspective on what we're capable of, both on the mat and in the world! Don't wait until you're already good at arm balances to attend - lots of tips for making what seems impossible, possible! Be ready for breakthroughs and "a-ha!" moments. This is a full Integrated Vinyasa Flow class that emphasizes arm balances.

Sat., Aug. 12 Ha-Tha Yoga:Union of Opposites 4:00 - 6:00 pm
Modern Postural Yoga has been widely adapted and appropriated to suit the modern, busy, fitness-centric practitioner. Somewhere along the way, the fundamental concept of balancing polarities, or opposites, has gotten a bit lost! In this workshop we'll explore thoughtful and potent ways to integrate the opposites of effort and ease, solar and lunar, sympathetic and parasympathetic, action and stillness, ida and pingala, gross and subtle, contract and stretch...all in an effort to support human WHOLENESS. A mix of lecture, Q&A and asana practice to inspire teachers and practitioners to bring this concept back to the forefront for sustainability and continued personal evolution both on and off the mat.

Sun., Aug. 13 Your Love is King: Backbends 11:30 am - 1:30 pm
Backbends are powerful asanas for transmuting fear and enhancing your capacity to love and hold space - they are whole-body expressions of courageousness, connection and compassion. But in this day and age of so much chair sitting, spinal flexion and technology, it's easy to find muscling through backbends an unpleasant and loathsome experience. The most satisfying, soul-stirring backbends are those that feel like you're not just bending your spine but also opening and liberating your heart center (Anahata chakra). After a look at the anatomy of a backbend, we'll use the intelligence of progressive sequencing and counterposing and an acknowledgement of our modern lifestyles to experience what safe and sustainable heart openers can feel like. This is a full Integrated Vinyasa Flow class that emphasizes backbends.

Attend all four sessions for $150!!! Individual sessions: $45

Certainly this will be a weekend of JOY!
Gina is an inspiring, empathetic teacher known for her clear and playful style of encouraging you to fearlessly navigate your edge, open your heart and boldly dive in! She is driven by the recognition that embodied, creative movement and self-exploration are essential methods of conscious evolution and discovering one's limitless potential!
Learn more about Gina here: Gina Caputo 
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