Three years ago today, MUDITA opened its doors!

Such JOY!  My heart is full.  I am deeply humbled, honored and grateful for this moment, and cherish the moments that have brought us to this point.  
As I reflect back I remember that first glimpse of seeing the studio as a possibility.  A frightening endeavor.  Yet, the vision of the potential was so great, so powerful, my heart so centered in joy, that it led me to walk through the fear.  
As our doors opened, in walked the most beautiful, vibrant community one could imagine.  Your bright spirits are truly the JOY of Mudita.  We invited you to come as you are and you have done just that.  Allowing us to know you, to hope with you, to see you move through obstacles in mind, body and spirit.   We have watched you find love, birth babies, grieve your losses, watch your hearts open.  The space has brought forth much laughter, beautiful breath, tears of all kinds, and shouts of JOY!  Each moment is equal in its offering of connection and love, a thrilling, exquisite, exciting journey. 
Know that whether you have walked through the doors once or hundreds of times, our lives are enhanced greatly by your presence. I thank you for blessing us in that way.  For those who have yet to walk through the doors, we look forward to the possibilities that placing your mat on our floor will hold for you.  
This adventure has given me many opportunities to grow.  I appreciate, greatly, your support of my process. For your care, your words, allowing my awkwardness, my vulnerability, my courage - standing with me through all of it, I thank you. I am grateful for each opportunity I have to share my passion, to teach yoga, to allow my dreams to unfold. My vision of the studio, the vision of love and deep joy, is still every bit as strong and real for me today as it was three years ago.   
As we stand now, on this threshold of our next year together, the door open, I invite you to look with me into the horizon.  To see the vision of the infinite possibilities waiting for you, for us  -

to BE JOY!

we will celebrate this month! watch for the many ways . . .