Laura Pritchett

Laura Pritchett has lived and enjoyed the Utah outdoors for 15 years. She is an Anusara Inspired 200 hour certified teacher and 96 hour certified in Baptiste Power yoga. 

“Yoga found me 18 years ago when I was in college and contemplating back surgery. A friend told me to experiment instead with yoga and acupuncture, both helped me to heal my body and mind from pain. 

As the years continued on and I became a successful career-oriented woman, I continued my  practice to find great joy and comfort. I began to realize how yoga touches all walks of life and can steer anyone to a more centered and balanced direction, no matter their path.  I have found where I am and what I do on the yoga mat, transfers off the mat and my daily life is profoundly enhanced by my practice. 

In 2014, I had a wonderful summer of soul revival, deepening my relationship with meditation and my asana practice, I was then guided to teach. I desire to teach yoga to help others remember and rediscover the goodness that is in them right now and to awaken the body, mind heart connection in order to facilitate transformation in any area of life. Then, shine that goodness out to others. Beauty after effort.”