Julie Peck-Dabling

I received my yoga training at Mudita through Be Joy Yoga School. The biggest lesson I’ve learned from teaching is that my practice on the mat reflects what’s going on inside of me. There is always another level of unfolding that can happen, both on my mat and in my spiritual life!

Each time I teach I invite my students to be inspired by themselves and what they will discover during their practice.

My own practice gives me the opportunity over and over again to learn to listen to my body and what it needs. This is something new to me, as it is to many people! I also encourage my kids to listen to their intuition, to the yearnings of their hearts.

Most people may not know that I love to cook and share what I create in the kitchen.

My hope, my dream for the coming year, is that people who think that they are not the ‘yoga” type, might find the courage to venture into the studio and learn that this is a safe and healing place to discover yoga, meditation, breathing, and themselves.