Julie Peck-Dabling

Julie Peck- Dabling loves teaching yoga at Mudita. She co-leads Yoga for Recovery with Carrie C on Thursday evenings, and then creates a welcoming and relaxed practice for all levels on Friday nights (TGIF!) at the studio. She also teaches specialty workshops throughout the year.

Julie has studied yoga for over 15 years. In 2010, she had pelvic surgery which left her with permanent, chronic pain. Fearing that she would never be able to overcome it, she intensified her yoga practice and took a Yoga Therapy Teacher Training from Carrie.  It changed her life in such a profound way, that she felt guided to take further instruction to be able to better share what was so generously given to her. After completing a 300 hour teacher training, she began teaching at Mudita.

Julie also has experience teaching yoga and meditation to teens and youth groups. She is available for private instruction. Additionally, she facilitates workshops to other women who suffer with pelvic pain. Come to one of Julie's classes or workshops and experience gratitude, the breath, and a calming serenity you haven't known for a while!