Shannan Hansen

Shannan was trained originally with a 200 hr in Las Vegas with YogaFit like a million years ago. She then attended a training with D’ana Baptiste and InBody, and a 500 hour and yoga therapy training in California with Ananda Seva Mission.  Even though those were her official schools, Shannan spent 1 1/2 years traveling to all the yoga conferences with her then yoga business Jo-Sha Wipes. She was selling at the marketplaces and got free passes to all the yoga conferences. There she took classes from Rodney Yee, Seane Corn, Shiva Rea, Leslie Kaminoff, Aadil Palkivala, even BKS Iyengar!  Shannan learned so many things that year and consider that her most influential training ground as a teacher.

Shannan loves training so much! She enjoyed all the classes and teachers, even the ones that you don’t love, you know, there is still something to learn from everyone! One of her instructors would be talking in her usual voice and then suddenly switch to an Indian man’s voice with an accent and be channeling her guru! It was wild. Every training was a journey into knowledge of the body and anatomy, or into the heart and working through her issues.  Shannan feels the Yamas and Niyamas were a fun discovery of a new lens to see the world, but thinks it takes a lot of patience and discipline to live all the 8 Limbs of Yoga (just like any religious or spiritual practice). She definitely ebbs and flows in and out of harmony with that. She was most enlivened by studying yoga anatomy with Jnani Chapman, who was incredibly humble and taught things in a very understandable and compassionate format.  Believe it or not but Shannan's all-time favorite course was Yoga Philosophy with Maetreyii Ma where we got deep in quantum physics, which her has a love and secret passion for!  

Shannan loves to teach classes that are anatomy based and have thoughtful physical flows because she really want her students to connect with the strength in their body. She has learned so much about her own body and how it how it aligns or misaligns, and really wants that for her students. Shannan says 'I mean I can teach a sequence and you can just come and flow, but the true joy of yoga for me, is discovering your own anatomy and your own body in the practice.'  Shannan feels this takes courage, being open mentally and of course you can’t connect with your body if you have thoughts, feelings, or fear clouding the mind. That’s why she loves the mind and body connection of yoga. Shannan desire for my students to tune in and learn from their bodies on the mat—and maybe do a lot of breathing and work through something mentally first, but eventually to get to a place of clarity and growth!

Yoga teaches Shannan that she is very small and insignificant, yet at the same time she is the very universe. Yoga teaches her to slow down and take a breath. To pause and look at her life with a quiet a mind. It teaches her that we are all the same person.