Come to Your Mat – Hurt to Healing

Come to Your Mat – Hurt to Healing

A Web-Seminar Series to Move from Hurt to Healing

Work past trauma toward surviving and thriving

A place for survivors of trauma, to come to their mat and begin the conversation from hurt to healing. Utilizing yoga as a healing tool, we hope to open the door, begin the conversation through topics that bring the essence of our healing to the surface, explore areas of our hurt and discover the path to healing.

Each webinar will include a therapist and yoga teacher, a pose of the month, journal prompts and affirmations giving you an opportunity to take our conversations to your own mat, to move your hurt to healing and begin the process of rediscovering your light!

The webinars are now available for you!

We have gathered a powerful group of healers, therapists and yoga teachers alike, each with their specific gifts, unique wisdom to add to the conversation. Collectively, the power is palpable, a rising of voices guiding survivors of trauma to explore ways to come into a deeper connection with their body, mind, spirit, through the practice of yoga. Click here for topic and presenters: Come to Your Mat

The first webinar will feature Katie Koestner and me! We will be discussing how to be mindful and present, how to recognize our thoughts – the old beliefs, negative self-talk, our doubts and fears – and how to direct our mind back to our breath, to stillness. The first webinar will be offered as our gift to you!

Here are the other topics:

Getting unstuck from the past-Carley Flanery/Lisa Frank

Using Anger to fuel fiery focus -Brooke Bagley/Courtney Butler-Robinson

Embracing the inner warrior-Lisa Danylchuk/Jody Hassel

Not forgetting but forgiving-Jody Barnes /Tatiana Forero Puerta

Finding your voice-Lara Veon/Daniel Sernicola

Compassionate care-Hala Khouri/Caitlin Lanier

May 18: United in mind, body, spirit-Jamie Mariach/Jessica Sowers

Our hope is that this webinar will pen the door for those suffering from trauma. Our desire is to offer a space to embrace the unity of yoga through a collective experience of healing. Our wish is to help survivors reclaim their body, take back their power and Shine their light.

The possibilities are before us . . . now is the time!

Register here:  Come to Your Mat – Hurt to Healing

For questions or help getting signed up contact Carrie at [email protected] or at 801.699.3627