Excited to offer Fall workshops again this year

Join Carrie for one or all . . .


Living the Yoga Sutras

Saturday, October 12
1:00 am – 3:00 pm

The wisdom of the Yoga Sutras is timeless. Over 2000 years old, these 196 concise verses continue to speak to us today, continue to lead us toward freedom. As Patanjali writes, what matters is that we begin here and now to live and practice with greater self-awareness and presence. This workshop will offer you a space to begin to explore this sacred text, to study the well-designed, methodical formula the sutras provide. Illuminated by their wisdom we will experience clarity about the path of yoga, learn the philosophy and discover how to begin to live yoga, know how to be more mindful in everyday life.  The workshop will include reading, contemplation, asana practice, meditation and more. You will come away with a deeper understanding of the essence of this sacred text, its application to you today. 

Now, yoga begins.  

Shoulder Peace, Hippy Love

Saturday, October 12
4:00 -6:30 pm

Give your shoulders and hips an ultimate day of attention and care. Storage areas for much tension, stress, and emotions, these areas can become immobilized. Held tight, we move through this world like the Tin Man. We will learn how to gain deeper access our hips, our shoulders, and begin to lessen the stress, relieve the tension, stabilize these areas, for greater mobility and flexibility in body. Throughout, we will apply a kriya: Discipline (Tapas), Self-study (Svadhyaya), Surrender (Ishvara Pranidhana), to support our further inward growth, toward greater mobility in our mind and spirit. You will come away with muscles expanded, joints lubricated, moving with fluidly, open and free.  

Warning: you might find your heart too!

Breath of JOY!

Sunday, October 13
2:00 – 4:00 pm

Breath is life. To learn to take a deep, full, expansive breath is life changing. This workshop will explore yoga through the lens of pranayama. Ancient yogic breathing techniques help us create a stronger mind-body connection, help relieve stress, fight off dis-ease, allow us to become centered and still in spirit. We will explore: anatomy of breathing – physical and energetic qualities of breath; bandhas – what are they, how can they propel us forward in practice, six specific pranayama practices: Dirga Pranayama, Spinal breathing, Nadi Sodhana, Brahmari, Kapalabhati, Kumbaka, to take our practice to the next level, to build a bridge from the asana (physical practice) to experience a more subtle, inward, intuitive place. Come away with rhythms reset, united in mind, body spirit. 
Connected, whole, breathing deeply, JOY!

Special discounted price 

$108 for all three workshops!

$40 per individual workshop – in advance$50 day of workshop

My intention is to give you the space to explore your practice on a deeper level. 
The benefits of being immersed in the teachings are vast – focused instruction, time to linger with practices, deeper understanding of concepts – 
all leading to a cultivation of patience, awareness, and courage; a deeper sense of knowing who you truly are!

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