Get ready . . . a new season is just around the corner!

plant seeds now to create a Joyful Summer

For me, last year was exceptionally JOY-ful! I loved sharing yoga with you in the warmth, with the grass beneath our feet, on top of the grandeur of the mountains. Precious to me were our outdoor meditations, the swinging, the standing in awe together – such bliss!

So, let’s do it again!!

Let’s experience the value of a consistent yoga practice. Let’s experience the great outdoors, enhanced and enriched, through yoga!

Summer of Joy Pass

Here is how it will work:

Throughout June, July and August maintain a consistent practice at the studio by attending 6 classes per month* (or 18 classes over three months) using your class pass, membership, or just dropping in.

In addition, purchase a Summer of Joy pass for $30 which gives you access to 6 outdoor activities (7 if you include The Lion King which is not included in the pass). 

Attend 4 of the 7 events, plus 18 yoga classes throughout the summer and and receive a whole lot of JOY and a gift bag of goodies!

Here are the dates of the outdoor activities :

  • June 21 – Sunrise meditation – honor the the solstice, the stillness
  • July 6 – Hike + restore class – hike in a close canyon and then head to studio to attend class
  • July 19 – Lion King movie – the new remake – hakuna mata!!***
  • July 30 – Sunrise yoga in park – join us at Evergreen park for sun salutations and if you have time, for breakfast at Roots after****
  • August 5 – Noon picnic in park – 30 minutes of yoga, bring your own lunch and nosh together under the trees
  • August 15 – Evening full moon hike – enjoy the full moon with a hike combined with a bit of yoga
  • Aug 28 – Sunset meditation – honor the last week of Summer of Joy, giving thanks to the warm glow of light around us!

*  If you have a 5 class membership you can purchase extra drop ins at that rate** Locations and times for outdoor events to be announced *** Movie ticket price not included *** Breakfast not included 

We are so excited to share this Summer . . . of Joy! with you!!!

Summer of Joy pass available for purchase now at the studio

Pass runs from June 1 to August 31

All levels welcome