3-day Trauma-Informed Yoga Training 

hosted by Transcending Sexual Trauma through Yoga 

Memories of sexually violent experiences can be intrusive, which can create challenges for survivors. These memories can also make it difficult for survivors who are looking to establish connection in their lives and learn how to trust again. The entire experience of practicing yoga, can help survivors find union between seemingly disconnected and challenging aspects of the self; allowing participants to slowly build the pieces into an integrated whole. The impact trauma has on the body’s physiology is far-reaching, as such it is essential to incorporate evidence-based and culturally relevant practices that provide alternative forms of healing for survivors. By focusing on a holistic approach, we are helping change the way our world responds to trauma and provides support to survivors at various stages in their healing. The last few years have witnessed a radical shift in our understanding for best practices for healing trauma. It is now widely recognized that the body, mind, and spirit are interconnected and must all be integrated within treatment.  This 3-day training will provide yoga teachers, mental health professionals, educators, administrators, activists, medical professionals, doulas, coaches, healers, or anyone who is interested in teaching from a trauma-informed lens with all of the necessary tools to create a safe environment for survivors of sexual violence.  


This training will leave you fully equipped to start a comprehensive trauma-informed yoga program for survivors of trauma. Please note there is limited space available for this training, early registration is encouraged. 


November 22, 2019: 6pm to 9pm

November 23, 2019: 12:30pm to 7:30pm 

November 24, 2019: 12pm to 5pm 


Early bird before November 4 – $550 

After November 4 – $600 

Zabie is widely recognized for her care and intentionality, soulful and zenful activism, undeniable passion, and hard work and dedication to her field. By focusing on a holistic approach, Zabie is helping to change the way our world responds to trauma and provides support to survivors at various stages in their healing.

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