A few things my Mama taught me

few things my mama taught me:

 How to love

To fold the laundry!

To cook, many things, many ways, and to add a pinch of love

To be kind

There is nothing a good pot of sauce won't cure

To sew

To be proud of my heritage

To be a mom

To smile

To measure without a measuring cup 

To embroider

To love tea cups

That God loves me

To be a daughter


To enjoy the beauty of flowers

To watch the birds

To see goodness in all

To clean - thoroughly!


To crochet

To dig, to plant and watch things grow with delight

To show love through food


To play cards - fiercely

To know Love is beyond words

Thank you, mom, for choosing me, loving me, teaching me.  I look forward to this new way of learning from you.     

(December 2014)

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