emPower™: Carrie’s signature vinyasa class filled with  intention to empower you toward your highest good.  You will move, breathe, strengthen muscles, release tension and invoke your most courageous, powerful self.  The delicate balance of her classes creates a space to surrender into your wholeness, to come into union with your true self, to feel empowered to Be Joy! emPower Hour, emPower Flow, emPower 2, and Restore (which will emPower you in ways beyond your belief!)

Joyful Hour:  Fun-filled, power-ish class to rejuvenate and reenergize you on your mid-day break. All levels 60 min.

Meditation: Beginning guided meditation.  We will practice various methods of meditation, ending with offering Joy to all beings - Mudita! 3rd Saturday of month only. 60 min

Power Vinyasa:  This practice is active and meant to quiet your mind as you detoxify the body and allow energy to flow freely. Emphasizing safety and alignment, modifications will be offered so that everyone can work at their own pace to the rhythm of your breath. You will leave feeling stronger, centered and refreshed.  Includes Power 1, Power Hour,  Core Fusion, TGIF, Rise & Shine, Power Down and Hatha Aligned- each with their own special flair. 60-75-90 min

Stability/Flexibility/Balance: This practice provides a well- rounded approach to maintaining health in the body. The focus will be on poses that create flexibility through stability, strength with length, and balance with ease.  Your hips will open, thighs will stretch, and hamstrings will lengthen.  All levels. 75 min.

Restore:  combines a deeply nourishing environment of stillness with postures to encourage a natural process of healing. Join us to breathe deeply, move gently, rejuvenate and relax.  Beautiful compliment to an active lifestyle.  All levels.  75 - 90 min.

Stretch & Flow: The quite pace of this class allows you to go deep into each posture – finding a place of effort without tension. As your body strengthens you will begin to lengthen muscles, release tension and overall re-energize the whole of you! Your body will open in ways you never thought possible as you dissolve into this serene practice.  All levels.  60 min.

Yoga 4 Recovery:  Based on 12 step recovery, offering a meeting with movement.  All recoveries, all beings seeking tools to support the opening of their heart and their daily living welcome!  Four week series, recurring monthly. All levels.  90 min.


Beginning January 2nd the following memberships will be available:

5 classes monthly pass            $ 45

Monthly unlimited                    $ 85

Family monthly unlimited (2)    $125

Each membership is for a minimum of three months with auto-pay set up.  Of course, you can extend this as long as you like! 

Sign up here:    Memberships

Class prices:

Drop in $15
5 classes $70
10 classes $110
Monthly unlimited $125

Utah Public School Teacher/Single parent: 10 classes $75

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First time to the studio:

Attend any regularly scheduled class and receive $10 off your purchase of a 10 class card.


 Class Descriptions and Prices

This studio is a creation from the wellspring of joy that I feel as I share yoga with you. In essence it is yours!

My hope is that all feel welcome at Mudita Yoga, that it is a place for you to come home and experience yourself.

The studio is beautiful, open and warm. Our classes will have you move and sweat, open and lengthen, chill and relax, harmonize and tone, connect and uncover your essence.


5 classes monthly pass         $ 45

Monthly unlimited                $ 85

Family monthly unlimited      $125 

Each membership is for a minimum of three months with auto-pay set up.  
Of course, you can extend this as long as you like! 

Become a member: Memberships

Class prices:

Drop in $15

5 classes $70;
(3 month expiration)

10 classes $110;
(4 month expiration)

Monthly unlimited $125;

Teacher/Single parent:
10 classes $75
(4 month expiration)

Be our guest!

First time to the studio:

Attend any one of our regularly scheduled classes and receive $10 off your first purchase of a 10 class card.