Brandee Olsen

Brandee trained at Be Joy Yoga School with Carrie Coppola.  
Throughout her training, the Brandee learned that she can trust her process.  She does not have to rush or force progress.  She also found a way to be compassionate and understanding with herself, giving herself room to mistakes. 
Brandee wants to help people in their process to become more aware.  More aware of who we are, what our purpose is in the world and to love ourselves more deeply.
Yoga teaches her patience, kindness and understanding.  Not only for herself but for others.  Yoga also teaches her that it’s not about the postures that are important, but more about gratitude and honesty within the postures. That is what makes yoga so powerful.
Brandee had her first and only child at 17 years old. He has Type 1 Diabetes and while he manages it well, it caused Brandee so much anxiety that she finally showed up to my first yoga class in 7 years and fell in love!
Brandee’s dream for the upcoming year is to do at least 4 yoga workshops and keep a beginner’s mind as she gets more experience with teaching. Oh, and lots of traveling!