Aly Miller

Aly completed her yoga teacher training summer after her sophomore year of college at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in Val Morin, Quebec. The lifestyle there was completely different than anything she had experienced before—waking up before sunrise, chanting and meditating at the beginning and close of each day, practicing yoga for about four hours plus spending an hour or so learning philosophy or anatomy, and taking solitary walks or reading a book during the small amounts of spare time they had during this month-long intensive. 
She learned much in her time there; most powerfully, how important every life is, even the ones we cannot see like the archetypal life of our inner child or the life of plant/nature spirits and the responsive energies in water. She does her best to teach yoga classes from this perspective: that everything is alive and deserving of conscious, loving, compassionate attention.
Every time she comes to her mat, or comes to share yogic philosophy or asana with others, she learns more about the connection between mind and body, and learns to become more humble and grateful for the gifts of movement, growth, and life itself. 
She is absolutely in love with wolves, and plans to volunteer at the Mission Wolf Sanctuary in Colorado after spending a few more years here in beautiful Utah. Her life goal, though, is to create a wellness center for people from all walks of life to rest, eat, learn, share and grow food; this year, she hopes that she can expand her knowledge and skills, and refine that vision to begin the process of making it happen!