emPower Mentorships

emPower Mentorships

This unique one-one-one mentoring program is designed just for you.

Each program will be tailored to meet your needs, your desires, your personal development. Together we will awaken your creative nature and invite a connection to your passion. Ignited in courage, fueled with vulnerability you will walk confidently in the direction of your highest good.

emPower Teaching

Is designed for yoga teachers

Expand your teaching skills, deepen your understanding of yoga, refine your craft in a way that inspires and serves.

Topics may include:

  • creative sequencing/effective cuing
  • cultivating your intuition
  • yoga philosophy
  • dharma talks
  • theming
  • finding your voice

emPower You

Is designed for anyone seeking a deeper connection to what brings you alive!

Become inspired toward your own purpose, connect more deeply to the roots of your passions, awaken the creative abundance to realize your dreams.

Topics may include:

  • discover your dharma
  • practice to embody your purpose
  • boundaries
  • opening your heart
  • healthy relationships
  • daily rituals to support your dreams

Each offering includes weekly reflection assignments, homework in between sessions and unlimited yoga at Mudita – Be Joy Yoga.

emPowered Mentorship investments:

One month –  2 one hour sessions  $800
3 months -  6 one hour sessions    $2,100
Design your own (one day to one month to one year)

Introductory offer:

An offer for you to help me build this new offering:

One month - $800 + one bonus session
3 months - $2100 + two bonus sessions

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Mudita Community

Celebrate with a Mentor!

The ancient yogis would learn yoga at the foot of their guru. This one-on-one experience allowed for direct access to the wisdom of the teacher and full undivided attention toward the student. This becomes a sacred space of connection, of one-pointed direction, of union.

There are many connotations and definitions of guru. For me it is simply one who leads you to your light. This is the intention for my new mentorship program – to sit with you, to share experiences, to guide you toward your passion, your gifts, to lead you to your light!

I would be my privilege to sit one-on-one with you!