On New Year’s Day we welcomed A New – our intentions, the year, love.  It felt powerful, fresh, full of possibility.  

Those are some of the qualities “newness” holds.  “New” in our life is exciting, opening, even brings forth exuberance.  We feel refreshed in the new and hold it with great reverence.  Whatever it be – our new job, new relationship, new things, there is such care taken.  It sparkles, we coddle it, baby it, admire it.  We pay attention.  How quickly the New-ness wears off.  We no longer see the sparkle of the new, but rather see life through the lens of “same old”, take for granted, move through life habitually.   

New-ness wears off the same way in our yoga practice.  Remember your first practice – everything brand new, where you experienced your inner sparkle. Each asana offering a space of exploration, each vinyasa complete in itself. Your body A New, alive, exuberant.  

Yoga wishes to give us this gift each time we take our mat, to come as you are and let each moment be experienced New.  

I invite you to approach your practice in this way, with New excitement. Let each breath be an opportunity to receive New, each asana experienced with new eyes and a soft heart.  From that space – emPowered, fresh, full of possibility  – experience your inner sparkle A New.

Now, let that sparkle, that exuberance, guide you to the New moment waiting for you off your mat.

(January 2014)