Thank you for another incredible year at Mudita – thank you all for being a source of joy in my life.  From our daily classes to our grand celebration you show me over and over what it means to be a community. 

This year especially, that has meant the world to me.  As I met the challenges in my life, having you as my “Mudita family” gave me strength to carry on.  As I welcomed the joys of my life, I wanted to share it with.  I am grateful to be blessed and surrounded by such incredible strength, such beauty and grace.  To be embraced in acceptance and love.  I feel humbled to steward this space that so many of you call home.  Know that your presence in the studio, on your mat touches me deeply, brings me immense joy, all I need!  I could not have dreamed this life for myself.

As we close out this year and welcome A New, my wish for you is to open yourself to a life beyond your imagination.  To step fearlessly toward it, knowing that it will take work, that there will be much joy and a few sorrows; to know that this journey involves letting go and an opening of your heart.  To remember you are not alone and let love and joy lead the way to a life beyond your wildest dreams. 

(December 2013)