July is a time that we celebrate our outward freedoms and recognize the gift we are given to live freely, to have choices, to experience our abundant world.  To truly enjoy external freedoms, we need to feel freedom inside.  That is where our beauty lies.  In reflection of inner freedom, of beauty, I offer these words of John O’Donahue: Each time we go out, the world is open and free; it offers itself so graciously to our hearts, to create something new and wholesome from it each day. It is such a travesty of possibility and freedom to think we have no choice, that things are the way they are and that the one street, the one destination, the one role is all that is allotted to us. Each one of us, like the birds is an artist of the invisible. 

Let us remember these freedoms:

Each one of us is here to experience our light, and be an artist of the beauty of our spirit.  

Each one of us is free to be an expression of that beauty in our own unique way.  
Each one of us has a choice each day to listen, watch and experience the world as open and free and to decide in that space if we will take a risk, express our truth, allow our beauty to shine.  

This season I invite you to accept the gracious offer of the universe, to move beyond the “travesty of possibility and freedom”, to see beyond the seen, to reach for the stars, to choose to be an artist of your invisible beauty.  

(July 2014)