For the last seven weeks we have been taking a journey through the chakras.  What an amazing, beautiful, powerful trip!  I am in awe of all that has awakened in me.  I am in awe of you as you have shared your practice, your stories, and your journey.

An invitation opens as each chakra comes alive in our lives.  Revealing, surprising, spontaneous arising’s, create new spaces and new ways to be in the world.  I find myself in that place.   

I experienced a spontaneous arising at Restore one Saturday, as we journeyed through the throat chakra. Pure in thought and spirit in the moment, I began speaking about my name – Carrie – and my journey toward acceptance of it, truly owning my name.  I spoke of days in my childhood when I only knew boys with this name, when I wanted a different name.  I spoke of my growing into my name, and how I now love it – the sound of it, the way people shorten it, add to it.  It is me!

More was revealed. The next spontaneous arising came through a memory of a student asking me what my ‘yoga name’ was.  I have no ‘yoga name’ yet, without hesitation I said ‘beautiful being’.  This surprised me, even stunned me, the words arose from my center in the most natural way.  Open in the moment, I did not have time to stifle, contrive or block these words.  Nor, was I able to in class that morning.  I felt uncomfortable saying my ‘yoga name’ out loud, yet the commitment I have to the journey is beyond my discomfort.    

Whether or not we know much about the chakras, or study them intensely, they are our blueprint to guide us toward our most true self.  Simply seeking knowledge of ourselves calls us on this rainbow journey.  

I invite you to join me on this journey today through your name – say it out loud, does it suit you, resonate with you? Where are the blocks? Beliefs around it? What could you let go of?   

Then go inward and allow your deeper name to surface.  Let it bubble up.  Feel the vibration, let it resound.  Let it surprise you and reveal to you the wonderful part of you that is hard for you to embrace, possibly the way the world sees you, yet you have not seen.  Allow it to spontaneously arise, let it resonate, feel the joy.

In that space of spontaneity, feel the surprise and delight in revealing your truth.

(June 2014)