People often ask me the questions “what type of yoga do you teach?”  I search for words and usually say something like “vinyasa flow” or “movement with breath”, never really feeling able to convey the way I teach, or what my teaching holds. The question arose again in one of our teacher training discussions.  We began to examine the word “power” in conjunction with yoga, the word “power” in conjunction with my teaching style.  “Power” as our society views it, defines it and honors it did not seem to fit within “our” yoga definition, nor within my teaching.  We quickly turned to the word “empower”.  After a few chuckles and bouncing it around, we thought it a good “name” for my style of teaching, my signature – emPower yoga!

 That has always been my intention, my offering to you –

 to empower you toward your highest good;

to empower you to discover your own beauty;

to empower you to embrace your humanness and live from a place of truth;

to empower you to feel your strength and power physically, mentally, emotionally;

to empower you to be courageous and vulnerable;

to empower you to your own signature style of being you in the world, your own signature way to Be Joy!

 That will continue to be my intention, my offering to you. And when asked the question again, I will state boldly emPower yoga – my signature style!

(September 2013)