I think of trees

Fall approaches, are they ready?

Do they know? Can you ever

be prepared

for impermanence?

Leaves turn, clouds cover, peace comes.

They stand

with such grace

ready and willing.

Glistening with the

newness of color

brilliant red

shimmering gold

breathtaking orange

all shades in between.

Eyes look in


and tears shed

like leaves.

So brave, they change in front

of everyone.

No holding back!

We would have the same courage

if we knew we would shine as they do,

if we knew we would show that beauty.

Can we, though,

share their courage,

their grace

to shed that beauty and stand

bare and vulnerable?

Would you try to hide?

Or can you root and

ground and

open to your emptiness?

Even welcome it?

Can you ever

be prepared

for impermanence?

Maybe with an open heart.

Peace from my heart to yours,