As January comes to an end, and February rolls in, we have an opportunity to re-evaluate our resolutions we set for ourselves at the start of the New Year. So often the New Year brings high hopes of new possibility. Usually our resolutions entail improving ourselves. We may start off with a bang – energy flowing, excitement in the air – as we reach for these goals.

By mid-month, many of us find ourselves falling short of those high hopes. By February they are long forgotten, and we decide to throw away all those long held opportunities for opening. New Year’s day being a distant memory, we believe we have dismissed our resolutions. The resolution may be dismissed, but the commitment to ourselves remains. We bury these un-met commitments deep inside. They create an internal inversion – filled with disappointment, judgment and criticism, judging ourselves for not following through, for failing to complete what we set out to do. This inversion creates a heaviness in our being. As we all know, that heaviness closes off any new possibility we hoped to open; it clouds our vision. Our energy is constricted, our creativity blocked, and our light dims.

In this new month, and cleared sky, rather than a complete dismissal of your resolutions, consider a re-evaluation. Bring your resolutions back to the surface, to your mat, to your practice. Allow yourself to open to the deep intention of setting that resolution, the motive behind it. Often we set resolutions or goals based on what other’s want for us, what we are hearing from the world, what we think we should do. Often those resolutions are not connected to our heart and in that space all of us are likely to not follow through; in that space there is no connection to create new possibilities.

If you find your resolution reasonates from your heart, but you have not followed through, consider an adjustment of the resolution. Taking this to your mat you can begin by feeling the resolution in the physical body and spreading it out from there. There you can really feel your resolution – observe it, sit with it, breathe through it. See how you feel with the resolution, rather than looking at how the resolution feels. As you allow your resolution to move through you, you may notice small changes toward this new possibility, toward your heart’s desire. You may notice your actions matching your resolution. Your resolution may soon become a daily commitment, a daily intention. As we watch our internal inversion lift, we open to new ways of living authentically, new ways of living from our heart.

When the inversion begins to cloud that vision, we start again. . .