The world is transforming before our very eyes.  Colors are appearing, leaves are falling. Numerous times I have looked up at the mountains, looked around me and stood in awe.  In observing the leaves, the subtle hues and nuances of color, I am amazed at their process. Each leaf revealing its truth through letting go. 

Fall beckons us to follow its lead to be revealed, to let our colors be seen.  Fall offers us the process of letting go, to let our truth be known.  Certainly, I am fascinated by what I am witnessing, awestruck at the ease by which surrender is happening, and in the same moment, completely frightened and challenged by Fall’s invitation. 

The leaves change, release, fall with such elegance and compassion.  Like the leaves when I experience surrender my body opens, my mind softens, and the feeling of freedom is tangible. Elegance, compassion and more.  In contrast, in holding on to my fear of letting go, my body tightens, my words are controlled, my mind is racing.  My whole being feels awkward, clumsy, unnatural.  My fear of letting go has me in its grip.  My soul longs for that elegant, compassionate release.  The inspiration of the leaves urges me, calls to me. 

The call from the leaves, Fall’s invitation, exposes the many hues, tints and shades, many layers to be discovered and uncovered; reveals my holding, my clinging, my grasping.  As my colors emerge, I see the red appearing as clinging to old relationships, past hurts. The orange reveals my hold around old beliefs and the hope that they can sustain me today. The yellow reveals my grip on the way things were, the way I hoped they would be, the way I hope it will be.  Seen through the lens of Fall, these discoveries are opportunities for surrender.  Seen through the lens of yoga, they are opportunities to witness ourselves.  Seen through the lens of an open heart, they are opportunities for love to arise.

These opportunities bring us into a deep relationship with the season.  We become held in the equanimity of Fall and are revealed in the deeper, more subtle layers of our transformation.  My layers reveal a very specific ask from Fall – let go of ‘the struggle’, release ‘my fear of being loved’, to release ‘my fantasy relationships.’  It feels at once frightening to allow those nuances to be revealed, and at the same time freeing.  Surrendering to my truth, becoming transparent and vulnerable, opens a space for love.  In union, in full partnership, Fall can then support me and bring me what I need to be in my process. As I accepted the invitation to release, new power arose with the words ‘I create ease in my life’, ‘I am safe to be loved’, ‘my life and relationships are rooted in authenticity.’  Fall brought forth support for me in the form of mantras!  As I unite with the season fully, I realize the essentiality of my actions.  I let go, I receive.  I surrender, I am filled.  I stand in awe, amazed at this process.

Fall’s greatest invitation in letting go is to trust and to know and to love.  To trust that knowing and allow love in!  It asks us to be fully alive in the moments of life, just as the leaves are alive in their changing.  As we practice surrender, we gain faith and trust in ourselves, in the world. Fall keeps looking for those soft openings, for those moments when we unite with the present, the moment that we become brave enough to let go.  Love keeps waiting for us to release in the new color arising so it can pour through us and hold us so we can surrender again.  In that space surrender becomes receiving, receiving becomes a letting go.  The elegant, compassionate continual breaking open so that the color of our truth can be exposed! 

I invite you to stand with me and acknowledge the difficulty of letting go, and at the same time accept its necessity.  As Fall holds us all in that space, may we realize under all the letting go, within all the receiving, there is love.