So what is to be done?

I’m suggesting a return to a primordial language.

One that exists as the deepest knowledge and expression that humanity knows.

It predates spoken language, it has its roots in the emergence of awe.

It is present in everyone, as an elemental music and reflection of molecular and stellar movement.

It is a genetic design built into leaf patterns and the bobbing of sea horses.

It is eminently present to children, we have educated it out of them.

But it is the story of our place in the universe and we must begin to tell that story again.

What we are losing is our ability to speak to the whole.

The songs of celebration, the poetry of praise.

Our words are so powerful. The language we use can connect us deeply to ourselves and others. They give us an opportunity to share what is inside. We praise, acknowledge and honor through our words. Just as easily, our words and language can disconnect us from our truth and reality. We can use them to hide what is inside. Most of us speak without considering that our words carry the beliefs we hold inside of us. So often, consciously or unconsciously, they disconnect us from ourselves and the world.

On our yoga mat we take ourselves to the place in the poem. Without words, what is inside is expressed in a new way expressed as a form of art. Our truth shines out, rises up and lives in the world. It is felt and experienced by us – truly an emergence of awe. We leave feeling connected, whole. This is often forgotten by the time we get to our phone or in the next conversation. We lose our ability to speak to the wholeness we have experienced. In that space we are in a space of disconnect and out of our bodies. How many times have we spoken from that place, or continue to speak from that place – using words to fill space, to move away from fear, to hide what is inside, to not feel. Speaking from this place keeps things the same, keeps our roles and behaviors, however harming, the same.

I recently lost my ability to speak to the whole, and had an opportunity to examine my motives around my speech. I found myself challenged to tell my truth, to share it in the world. I minced words, fluffed things up and beat around the bush. I habitually fall into these pattern with my words. Educated away from telling the truth, speaking my truth, I protect and guard with my words. It creates vagueness, a grey area where interpretation and assumptions become commonplace. I was conscious of the fear to write my truth, to stand in my truth. The words I wrote, my vagueness, created a deep disconnect.

My guarded and protected words seemed kinder on the surface, but they created no foundation of truth on which to stand or on which to build. They simply disconnected me from what was real; they were based on fears and emotional dependence. All of that was covered with too many words – surface words to fill the space of my discomfort, to keep my fear hidden, to keep me stuck. When it came right down to it, one simple sentence was all that was needed. No fillers, no protection, just simple truth.

I felt a relief well up and space open the minute that truth was out. The fear was still there, but moving forward through that truth opened me on an even deeper truth. Underneath the truth was an attachment – an attachment to the hope that the situation would be or was different. That was the truth I feared looking at. As I opened that space, that truth rose up and was spoken in a primordial language.

As we ground and root and stay deep within ourselves, we begin to feel emotions, feelings and recognize truth. In this sometimes foreign place, in our body, we can begin to trust and listen to the wisdom that is within. We will know when it is time to speak and when it is time to listen; we will know when it is time to say less. That truth, bubbling up from deep inside creates a space of incredible freedom. It is our deepest knowledge and truest expression. When we find the courage to live in the space that is elemental and awe inspiriting, we can trust that our words will come from a place of love. It will stem from our place in the universe, it will naturally rise up and emerge through us, it will be the song of our life.

In seeking this expression of our truth, we can examine what we are communicating, how we are communicating, and our motives behind what we are saying. In returning to our primordial language, as we leave out mat, we can ask ourselves: Are our words leading us to wisdom and peace? Are the emanating the truth that we discovered on our mats? Is it a simple, courageous expression of my truth?

In that courageous space, in celebration of your self, inhale, on an exhale allow the praise, song and story within you to be eminently present in the world. Allow the world to receive the wholeness of you!