As humans we love answers to our questions.  From a very early age we are trained to get a correct answer, find a finite solution, work toward an end goal.  Our world encourages us to get it right.  Yet our lives do not always correlate with one right answer, one finite explanation.  In fact, many time our lives are immensely incomplete with one choice.  We are infinite beings and our lives are meant to be an immeasurable expression of our essence.  Each time we try to force answers, or create a time frame, we thwart our own unfolding. The confining and grasping is evident in our body, in our breath.  We become held and restricted, disconnected from truth, living lifeless moments.

 Recently, as I was teaching, these words arose from my heart –

what if we lived our lives like an open ended question.  Imagine the limitless potential – in the free flow of our body, at one with our breath, possibilities arising openly!

 This resonates even more deeply after spending a weekend in the presence of David Whyte. He encourages us to ‘ask the beautiful questions.’  Questions such as:

What brings you alive?

What are the horizons waiting for you?

What are the visions you have let go of?

These beautiful, open ended questions arise from the part of you that ‘already knows’ and has already felt the ‘call.’ In this open ended space we are invited into a conversation with those ‘frighteningly honest questions . . . that have no right to go away.’  We are summoned to move from the surface to the deep nakedness of our own being, to reveal our innermost desires, our authentic longings. 

For the questions to remain beautiful and open ended it is essential to stay in the process and allow answers to arise in the natural experience of the moments of our life.  It is essential to create a space for flow, a space for each question, each inquiry, to have room.  

Opening to the fullness of our experience fear may flow, sorrow may arise, but as well, wisdom will be felt, love and peace will come.  There will be room to ‘shape a life that can distinguish the authentic you’ from the pattern of thoughts, beliefs and old worn out images; room to move away from that which keeps us from living our most courageous lives, from being boundless in our existence.  These beautiful open ended questions will create space for joy, for grace, for the immeasurable.  They will lead us to explore new frontiers toward profound revelations. I invite you to take a deep breath, stand open-hearted and allow the answers to arise open ended.  There may you find fully lived moments guiding your sure path forward.