Spring’s imagination welcomes the budding and blossoming of all things.  New growth abounds, bursting from the thawed fertile ground.  The sounds of spring call to us, their soft rhythms inviting us into our awakening, leading us to our own imagining.  

 Even the trees which stood in front of us naked in their winter introspection are now gently coming back to life.  They call out to us to stay and pay attention, to see their new spring budding, but as well what is beyond that.  Guided by spring’s imagination, see the roots that have stabilized them, see what they have let go of to be at this point of rebirth, see their weathering as not something to regret or dismiss, but as the story of their journey. 

 This season, I invite you to stand in Vrkasana (tree pose) among the trees, among the imagination of spring.  As you stand, feel the earth, in all its grandeur, supporting you.  See your weathering, your own journey, that brings you to this space, now.  Acknowledge the places where you long to stay the same, safe, the place you are unresponsive to what is awakening within.  In that new opening expand.  Allow the renewed energy to rise up from the earth.  Harness the energy of spring and invite your visions and dreams from winter to arise from your heart.

 Spread your branches to the sky, listen to the soft rustling, watch the slow growth, feel the simplicity.  Let the light radiating through your branches, intertwine in a delicate dance with spring’s imagination. 

 Amongst all things, may we IMAGINE!   

(March 2014)