And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

– Anais Nin

I love Spring! The budding, watching the grass green, the warmth of the sun, everything coming back to life. There is incredibly vibrant energy to be embraced. As we embrace that energy, rising from the dead of winter, we want to spring forth and blossom. Seeds have been planted, rooting has taken place, through the introspection of winter, the drawing inward. We long to emerge with newness. To bring light to all that has been growing inside, our winter covering needs to be shed. Often the anticipation and anxiousness to move forward quickly leaves us keeping our new beginnings in the dark, shelved for later exploration. In the anxiousness of our transition, our quick movement forward, we may resist our own budding.

Consider this year a slower transition in to the new season – giving yourself time, space, acknowledgment and release for all that winter cultivated within you.

In your slow transition take time to watch spring – watching the patience of the bulbs, observing the ease of the blossoming. Take a look inside and see what you truly need to bring forth the newness in you. Gently nurture the seeds, the buds, the growth inside of you. Just as you trust your breath on your yoga mat to move you through the transition of the poses, trust your breath to move you through the fluidity of this season.

As you cultivate all that is beginning in you, clear out your mind, body and spirit. Create a space for release, a ritual – letting go of all that no longer serves you – beliefs, people, things, expectations. Weed out everything that gets in the way of your growth. Through this release honor yourself by acknowledging your gifts, your growth, your mistakes, your introspection, your beauty, your imperfections, your progress.

In this slower transition, you may find that emerging comes naturally. That there is more space for love, joy and peace! In that space, sit back and watch yourself blossom into the amazing being you are! Peace, Carrie