Movement in stillness, stillness in movement. Feeling a pose from within, and having that come as naturally as loving your child. Space – for breath, for balance, for connection, for possibility, for joy! Discovery of truth, self, and light. These are among the many gifts yoga brings me; they continue to unfold.

I know in my heart yoga found me. I was ready to embrace the part of myself that yoga would lead me to. From my first time on my mat I began to sense my own healing. I truly felt the union that yoga creates. In that moment, that time of my life, it was so comforting to experience my self in that way, to experience my healing. I loved the way my body felt in the poses, the clarity my practice brought, and the inner strength my practice cultivated. I felt, in the words of David Whyte, that I was arriving.

As I look back now, I know that this has always been what my heart felt. On my mat I felt the safety to lead with my heart. Arriving on my mat has allowed for opening – my body opened, quickly my heart and spirit followed. My heart’s journey has been beyond what my mind could perceive. Leading with my heart, I was guided to expand my passion for yoga and to complete a teacher training. The training deepened my practice, and led me beyond my wildest imagination. It is truly a gift today to teach yoga and share my passion.

The appreciation for my students is difficult to express in words. The collective breath and the community that yoga builds is phenomenal; to be a part of that is humbling. To watch the opening of a hearts, to observe the embracing of humanness, to witness movement from a place of truth, is an enormous blessing. It brings me profound joy, Mudita, to share yoga with you!