emPower You! Yoga Retreat Colombia – we will be going back very soon!

emPower You! Yoga Retreat Colombia – we will be going back very soon!


The Yoga Shala is calling!

This is truly a grand adventure! The picture above is your view – our windows will be the open, unguarded sea, our doorways the ever moving tide. For five days Gitana del Mar will be our home – for practice, for introspection, for relaxing, for laughter, for adventure.

In the open arms of that space, we will begin to find our ground of inquiry. The open air practices of pranayama, meditation, asana will guide us to connect to new strength, new gentleness, to experience our own natural rhythm. Basking in the golden sunlight in the ever infinite sky we will connect to our brilliant light, the boundless space of our heart, and find a voice that supports our inner truth.

Our outer exploration will lead us on a float down the Rio Don Diego arriving on the blessed ground where the river meets the sea.We will swim in the pure pools of Pozo Cacique Mendihuaca, surrounded by the walls of nature. Each adventure gives us a taste of the beauty and sanctity of this land and its culture. Our guides for each adventure are locals, which will give us a first hand connection with the culture and the sacred nature of the spaces we enter.

One of my favorite parts of the retreat is receiving a sacred cleansing and blessing from indigenous chief, Mamo Kogui. Standing on the beach, listening deeply to the sounds of nature, the rituals of the blessing will bring us closer to our heart, closer to the greater whole. In that space, we will let the land, the place we find ourselves in, inform us of how to bring our inner discoveries more fully in the world.

Saying goodbye to Gitana del Mar we will travel back to Cartagena and spend our last days exploring the colorful vibrancy of the Old City. This new ground of exploration will lead us to realize our place of belonging is where we find ourselves in the present.

February 10 – 17, 2019

A beautiful, powerful journey is before you if you choose in to this adventure!

Early bird – paid in full by January 1st

$1,995 for entire retreat!


  • 5 nights at Gitana del Mar, all inclusive
  • 2 nights stay in Cartegena, breakfast included
  • All Transporation to and from Gitana del Mar
  • Excursion- adventures – Rio Don Diego/ Pozo Cacique Mendihuaca/blessing
  • Yoga, pranayama, meditation – morning, afternoon and evening practices

Only 12 spots available – claim yours now! 

$2,195 paid after January 1st 

$250 deposit* 

emPowerYou! Adventure with me!

*deposit is non-refundable retreat does not include airfare nor meals in Cartegena Everyone is welcome! Check out the beautiful Gitana del Mar

for more information contact Carrie at [email protected] or a 801.699.3627