Yoga Teacher, Allison Vaughan

Allison Vaughan

Allison Vaughan received her 200 Hour yoga training at the Asheville Yoga Center in North Carolina, where she did an amazing three week intensive in the mountains.  Allison’s training taught her about the power of yoga, in general. She gets chills thinking about the sheer number of people impacted by this ancient practice over all the centuries. From that experience, Allison feels deeply that we are all connected, and creates a passion to share yoga.  The more yogis sharing energy the better!

Allison teachers a hybrid of power and slow vinyasa.  Her classes include a combination of strength building through core work and long holds, lots of stretching and using breath to help maintain awareness and deepen postures. She loves to give her students the gift of a long savasana to allow plenty of time to release any remaining tension in the body and fully settle into the moment. 

Yoga teaches Allison discipline and patience. She understands the importance of consistently showing up on her mat. That translates off the mat, where she finds the ability to cultivate moments of peace, patience, and awareness of her breath, which she believes is a powerful tool – a tool that can be utilized at any moment in our lives!

Allison loves to slackline.  She feels it is a perfect sport, giving you a full body exercise, and is also a super fun way to challenge and cultivate balance! 

Allison is new to Salt Lake City.  Her and her husband are excited to get more involved with many activities and communities this area offers.  She is also looking forward to furthering her yoga training.   Much to keep her busy in the near future!!