Yoga Teacher, Lindsey Terry

Lindsey Terry

Lindsey grew up in the mountains above Salt Lake City, Utah. Spending her childhood in nature helped her to experience a peace and connection to self that supported her search for a deeper level of understanding.

Searching for how to bring her compassion to others, Lindsey studied American Sign Language Interpretation at Salt Lake Community College, and over the last eighteen  years she has worked with the recovery community through Genesis Books, and has provided recovery-based yoga classes, teaching compassion and an appreciation for each day. 

Lindsey practiced yoga as a student for seven years and began her teacher training in 2014. Her training is Hatha and Ashtanga based. She currently has her YACEP, 200-ERYT and 500-RYT , and Trauma Yoga certifications .

Yoga has helped Lindsey find the inner peace, beauty, surrender and strength that is the essence of who she is. The greatest gift yoga and recovery has given her is the rediscovery of her authentic self and the ability to share that with others. There is a sweetness to the surrender that she finds each time she steps onto her mat. The awareness of breath and the way her body moves with it. Her own journey inward, letting go of the story that she clung to for so long and reunifying with truth. Lindsey’s practice is a moving meditation, a prayer filled with intention and love. It is from this space that she teaches, it is from this space that she lives. Sharing this with her students fills her heart. Watching them grow and find themselves through the breakthroughs and the breakdowns, it is beautiful because it is growth.