Let me begin with saying that we are in this together!  My heart is full of connection with you and it has brought me much peace in this very precarious time.  Each day I awake and ask for guidance, how to be centered, grounded and in purpose.  

We know that it is essential, vital to stay connected through this time. We are all being called to be in our healing more fully, and to remember that we have everything we need to do this work. To be in this moment and to rise to a new level of conscious connection, with ourselves, with each other, with the world at large.

All our classes hold an intention to support you– whether you need to release stress, relax in the moment, feel your strength, laugh, breathe, or remember who you truly are! Through all of that, our invitation remains to find the well-spring of Joy already within you.

Here is how the in person and online offerings work:

You will sign up on Mindbody for the class.  You can use your regular class card or purchase a drop in (or even buy a card!).  You will need to sign up at least an hour before class.

For online classes – sign up online, you will receive an email with instructions on how to connect to the online format. Put your mat out, in your own house, in a place you can be open to the practice!! Log on just before class.  We will be waiting for you!

For in person classes – sign up on line, come to the studio following the guidelines to prepare for a safe visit.

Classes will be limited to nine (9) students. You will need to sign up in advance for class. Please be mindful that there are limited spaces. If your schedule changes please remove yourself from the schedule. If you feel sick, we ask that you refrain from coming to the studio, and rather take the class online.

You are required to wear a mask to the studio. Once you get to your mat you can either leave your mask on or remove it. Any movement off your mat, around the studio, requires your mask to be on.

Hand sanitizer is at the front desk. You are asked to use it on arrival, any time you are moving through the studio, and on departure.

The mats will be, at a minimum, six feet apart, giving you ample room to practice at a safe distance from each other.

You will need to bring your own props as the studio props are unavailable for use at this time.

We ask that when entering the studio, or moving through the studio, you be mindful and please keep a six (6) feet distance from other students or staff.

All staff will wear masks. They will teach from their mat at the front of the room, where they will remain throughout the class. No hands-on adjustments will be offered. Anytime staff moves from their mat, they will have their mask on.

We are working diligently to keep your studio as safe and clean as possible. All door handles, counter tops, bathroom and floors will be cleaned, disinfected, sanitized daily, and most spaces before and after each class.

Our greatest joy is to practice with you, laugh with you, come alive with you. To experience JOY with you! We appreciate everyone’s cooperation with following these guidelines so that can continue.

Please read our newsletter here: https://conta.cc/2WrmFJY

Please let me know if you have any questions, if you need help getting signed up, or if there is any other way I may support you. Looking forward to sharing JOY with you!

Contact: [email protected] | 801.699.3627