Yoga welcomes us into union with self, into a relationship with us. The introspective nature of yoga invites us to untangle ourselves from the barriers we may have erected that prevent us from having an authentic connection with us, a real union with the world. 

The promise of unity yoga offers is why I often say ‘Yoga is big!’  It will hold you, embrace you, take you to places beyond your imagination.  Often when we have experienced abuse, trauma, those moments in our life when we feel overwhelmed and out of control, our world becomes very small, our healing appears distant, far from being attainable.  Our life shrinks to the point that stress and anxiety becomes commonplace, we concede that this will be our life, this will be the way it is.  When in a state of trauma, our body, mind and spirit are disconnected, separate from each other.  In a state of trauma, we want to run, our body a danger zone.   Yoga begins, little by slowly, to merge the disconnected parts of us. Yoga teaches us the exquisite art of staying, remaining with ourselves long enough to begin to experience who we are. Yoga meets us right there, accepts us in the moment, on our mat, now!  Yoga creates a big opening for us to begin our journey home.

Yoga cannot shield us our guard us from life happening.  Rather it can be a safe place to re-enter our body, to slowly and gentle remain with sensation.  Yoga does not demand a time frame or pace of our healing.  Yoga bids us in, provides all the room and time we need to reconnect.  We are invited into our breath, into movement, into the softness of our being.  We are invited to stay and touch and feel the spaces within us that are wounded and raw.  Through our tears, within our fears, we are held.  Through our shame and guilt we are comforted.  Yoga moves us away from having to be better, an improved version of ourselves, and allows us to begin to love the us we find in the open space of our breath. It moves us toward our inner landscape, to the light inside. The power of the practice surrounds us as we come home, as we return, as we remember who we truly are. 

The grace and power of yoga awakens within us a knowing – a knowing that our healing is possible, that our own personal freedom is possible, that in that big space we can once again return to our Self, truly take back our light!

We are proud to be a Take Back the Night – Shine Your Light Yoga studio, recognized as a safe place for survivors of sexual abuse.  

Please attend any of these classes that will support your recovery, healing of your trauma, support your return home:

Wednesdays at  7:30 pm  Restore

Saturdays at 10:15 am   Restore

For other options for classes that will meet your needs, please contact Carrie at 801.699.3627.

We, at Mudita, believe in the power of yoga. We believe in the possibility for yoga to bring us into connection – to our breath, to our body, to our deepest essence. Yoga offers a space to sit and be with emotions, with memories and to heal from the wounds that create disconnection, that bind us to our past, that tell we are not enough. We allow yoga to be the catalyst to lead us toward the light of recovery, to bring us home to the truth that we are enough, we belong, that our potential is extraordinary.

It is there we feel empowered to Shine Our Light!

Treatment Settings

Yoga for Recovery enhances the treatment process by transforming the cognitive learning with the integration of mind, body and heart. Positive outcomes are increased self-awareness, impulse control and greater development of skills to stay present, calm and relaxed.

To bring classes to your treatment facility, or for more information, Contact Carrie at 801.699.3627

On the Path

Yoga for Recovery offers private instruction and workshops where all stages of recovery and all levels of yoga are welcome. These practices assist individuals in furthering their journey while offer tools to stay present, to deepen relationships, practice meditation and connect with others.

Look for Yoga for Recovery workshops coming soon!

To work privately with Carrie connect here:  Contact Carrie