Yoga Teacher Training

“The teaching skills I am interested in cultivating in both myself and others are about sitting in the questions more than finding the answers.” – Amy Matthews

This quote fully encompasses the philosophy of my teacher training. I am interested in cultivating within you, within me, a space that we can be confident and comfortable in the questions. This will be your invitation – to travel with me and explore the many facets, nuances and paths of yoga; to be in a place of open ended questions allowing room for intuition, illumination, for infinite possibilities.

The training will offer space for a tangible experience through experiential learning – exploring anatomy, studying asana, creating sequences, hands on adjusting and practice teaching.  We will explore the philosophy of yoga, the inner esoteric meaning of this powerful practice. Within that space, we will leave room for deep inquiry, for the journey to reveal to you your profound truth.  As one student said ‘you will get access to parts of yourself you may not know.’  My hope is to lead you, through the study of yoga, to rediscover, remember and reconnect with You!

We are committed to providing you the most accessible, comprehensive, individualized, quality training. Class sizes are small to create an intimate setting and provide personalized attention; meeting times are one weekend per month, payment plans available to meet your needs.

Who should attend:  Yoga teachers, health care professionals, counselors, seekers of open hearts and healing!

Be Joy Yoga School

We at Be Joy Yoga School welcome and invite you to come as you are and join us on this magnificent ride.  Whether you want to teach, are currently teaching or simply want to expand your knowledge of yoga, the fertile ground of this training will support your growth – the direction of that growth is up to you. Here are the Yoga Teacher Training offerings:I am interested in cultivating within you, within me, a space that we can be confident and comfortable in the questions. This will be your invitation – to travel with me and explore the many facets, nuances and paths of yoga; to be in a place of open ended questions allowing room for intuition, illumination, for infinite possibilities.

Teacher Training begins Jan. 10!!!

Apply here to get your spot for this magical journey!

Our all-inclusive 500 hour curriculum will take you well beyond the basics through a vibrant, creative, enlivening exploration of you and yoga. Through this immersion in the study of yoga, you will awaken and brighten your truth, find your authentic voice, and embody yoga.  A truly transformative experience!

The training is a journey through the eight limbs of yoga, using the mind, body, spirit as the vehicle.  We begin with the Trauma Informed training – Whole Heart, Whole Being, where we embark to discover deeper truths about ourselves and access the deeper nuances of yoga.  We will:

• study the powerful effects of pranayama and meditation
• experience the subtle, energetic body
• delve deeply into the study of anatomy, looking at the body through physical, physiological, kinesthetic lenses
• become versed in the practice of hatha yoga
• learn a bit of Sanskrit
• understand principles of alignment and the nuances of intelligent, creative, effective sequencing
• know how to teach safe, skillful practices
• comprehend basic, practical principles to grow your business.

Through a long lingering with the yamas and niyamas and intimate time with the sutras, we will gain understanding of yogic philosophies and the workings of the mind and heart, which will create a strong foundation to support individual growth; a strong foundation from which to arise a confident, mindful yoga instructor, a confident, mindful yogi!

Tuition:  $4,200   paid in full by January 1: $3,900 

Tuition includes:  All sessions and materials, master workshop, weekend retreat and unlimited yoga at Mudita throughout training.

Dates: Jan 10-12; January 18; January 31, Feb 1-2;  March 6-8; April 3-5; May 1-3; June 5-7; June 20-22; July 10-12; Aug 7-8;  Aug 21-23; Master workshop:   TBA
Friday 7:00 -9:30 pm; Saturday 12:00 am – 8:00 pm (first three weekends begin at 10:00 am); Sunday 12:00 – 6:00 pm

This training is designed for those who desire to use yoga as a modality to support well-being in mind, in body, in spirit.  There is much to be gained from this training as we examine our own biases, prejudices, limiting beliefs, and patterns in an effort to assist others with the same. Through this deep self- study you will obtain a greater awareness, understanding and acknowledgment of your authentic self.  Empowered you will lead others to see possibility in their darkness, remember who they are and embody their own light.

In that space, we will study how the practice of yoga can assist healing trauma.  Within that scope, you will

• understand the universal symptoms, the physiology and neurology of trauma and other psychological disorder
• know the benefits of meditation, pranayama and asana on the physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual levels
• study of philosophy of yoga through the yamas & niyamas, look at the connection to Buddhism and recovery
• gain comprehension of the chakra system and their effect on trauma and healing
• create trauma-informed themes and learn how to weave them within your teaching

Skills will be developed to design safe, supportive, compassionate spaces for all.  Accessing those skills, and comprehending the benefits of yoga, you will feel confident to sequence classes, assess needs of students to create wellness in mind, body, spirit.  All of this and more will help you create your own vision of yoga therapy.

Significant to the training is creating a space to allow you to strengthen your intuitive nature toward learning to teach and live with more insight, more authentically.

Tuition:  $1,100
Tuition includes:  All sessions and materials, 10 yoga classes

Dates:  Jan 10-12; January 31, Feb 1-2;  March 6-8; August 8-9

Friday 7:00 -9:30 pm; Saturday 10:00 am – 8:00 pm; Sunday 12:00 – 6:00 pm

Be Joy Yoga School 200 Hour Teacher Training is the most comprehensive fundamental ‘basic training’ around!  There is much to be experienced, many skills to be developed as you step in to this amazing journey.  Whether you desire to begin your teaching career, to deepen your practice, or explore yoga more fully, there is a place for you in this training.

We developed this curriculum with you in mind, offering you a place to establish firm roots and a strong foundation, you will

* explore asana, know the anatomical structure of poses
* become familiar with breath and movement
* develop a skillful approach to sequencing a class in the way that is unique to you.

This groundwork will support your growth in any direction.

Our books, subject matter and teachers encompass the belief that yoga expands well beyond your mat. That is the foundation of our training.  There will be

* exploration of the philosophy
* examine the history of yoga
* experience the language of yoga
* sound bath meditation
* pranayama

Included as well are three intensive workshops on yoga in business, yoga for special populations and energy healing, and a powerful weekend immersion with our school director, Carrie.

And there is more! As a Be Joy Yoga trainee you will get to teach! Each of you will be given an opportunity to teach a Beginnings class within our studio space and as well have opportunities to offer future workshops at the completion of your training.

The foundation of this unique, well-rounded, varied curriculum, will give you space to begin to grow, expand and root into your truth.  Grounded in your authenticity, having an embodied experience, you will feel encouraged and inspired to now grow in the direction of your dreams.

We would be honored to support you on your journey!

Tuition:  $2,500

Tuition includes all sessions, books, binder, unlimited yoga at Mudita. Optional opportunity to attend cadaver lab – $140

Dates:  September 13 -15; September 28-29, October 5; October 12-13; October 26-27; November 8-10
Friday 7:00 -9:30 pm; Saturday 10:00 am – 8:00 pm; Sunday 12:00 – 6:00 pm