Months before the inception of Mudita Yoga – Be Joy, I was asked if I was interested in spiritual activism. In that moment there was no clear response. I filled my heart with breath, and sat with that question. It became very clear to me that everyday is an opportunity to activate my spirit, my heart, and, in turn, to help others activate their spirit, their heart. Spiritual activism comes from the heart. The words then came easily – Yes! I am interested in spiritual activism – Yes! I work to live spiritual activism. What became even clearer was the passion to take spirit in-action to a new level, to guide people to activate their spirit toward the social issues that call to them.

The arena of spiritual activism is expansive and I believe Mudita Yoga is a space to bring this to life! We practice as a community, feel connection and unity to guide us to a deeper relationship with self. Now we can use the ground of our practice, the sense of oneness and love we cultivate on our mat, to activate our spirit in the world.

Yogis Being Joy! is the action of Spirit and Love. It is a forum to step out of “me into us” and cultivate a greater capacity for compassion, for love, for joy in the world. A fierce embrace of oneness to empower each other toward transformation.

Each year Yogis Being Joy! expands to greater opportunities to serve our community.  I am always amazed at the generosity of our community.  You rise up, you show up, you give with such love and care.  I am continually moved by your spirits in action.  We get to see the hall filled with toys and school supplies and sheets and blankets and more!  Often we do not get to experience the effect your generosity has on the communities you support.  Last year we had to opportunity to support Jason Tackett and his kids at Franklin Elementary.  We often do not get to see the effects of that joy. Here is the exception.  Jason memorialized the experience with words, he so eloquently expresses the impact your generous spirit has had on him, on his students, on the school, on the world. It illustrates, as well, what a profoundly extraordinary teacher Jason is.

Grab the Kleenex and read below the way mindfulness creates connection, the power of presence, the peace and love that spreads from one kind act. The way, in connection to each other, we can all rise up and BE JOY!

Jason’s words – Franklin Elementary

Be the change! Be Joy!

Grateful to support the annual Breakfast With Santa.
This event is a way to assist struggling, disadvantaged single moms to provide a simple Christmas for their kids. Due to COVID, this year they will be delivering the toys directly to the families.  We know Santa’s spirit will be around every delivery!  Please consider donating an unwrapped toy – from infant to young teen – sans batteries.
This is truly an opportunity to Be JOY!  Let us open our hearts generously this season
Donations accepted through December 4th

I love this opportunity with the Utah Food Bank.  We have fourteen clients that we deliver boxes of food to each month.  We meet, as a team, at the Food Bank, gather all the food, put it in our cars, and set out on our deliveries.  Over the years our clients have become our friends.  We love our conversations, sharing hope and fears, listening and learning with them.  We hope our service brings a little bit of joy to their bellies, to their lives. So rewarding!

Next delivery days:

Saturday, December 5 

Our usual delivery time 12:30 – 2:00 pm, though that can shift depending on the weather and schedules!

I look forward to you joining us.

I am Italian. Simply put that means that sharing food equals sharing love!  My roots grow deep every time I get to be with the lovely men at the mission and serve them.  I feel such a liberation of spirit.

The Rescue Mission of Salt Lake is a free treatment center and a place for homeless men to come have a meal and a place to sleep.  The work they do in our community is amazing.  We have been serving them since Mudita opened. Every month.  Each time I am amazed at how much I learn about myself, how humble and grateful I am.  The men continue to inspire me and open my heart in ways I could not imagine.

I cannot count the number of volunteers that have shared the experience with me. For each of you, thank you for being willing to be of service in this way.  There is no escaping reality. Your bravery and willingness to show up with our hands and hearts wide open fills me with awe.  I receive comments all the time from the folks at the Mission how much they love when you are there!

We have been unable to serve since COVID.  In spite of that, we remain in service to our friends at the Mission.  With the support and help of Charsti Merrill (aka River) we were able to provide hundreds of meals throughout April and May while they were in their temporary location.  Many of you donated towels, socks, and beyond.  Thank you, thank you.

We are continuing to serve in any capacity we can.  Please let me know if you would like to help out with donations or collecting items for the house.

We look forward to the time we can be back with our friends at the Mission.  Until then we are sending you much love, peace and JOY!

Beyond our two main Yogis Being Joy commitments, we provide much service throughout the year.  We have gathered school supplies, provided Christmas for many children of single Mothers, donated money to Take Back the Night Foundation, to Black Lives Matter. This is just a sampling of the amazing ways that you have given back!

We will continue our service with these projects and more.  If you have a place, a passion, a partaking that you would like us to offer, contact Carrie at [email protected]

Truly, infinite possibilities to be of service, to be JOY!