• Welcome

    Who are you not to . . .
    be joy!

  • Classes

    Let the beauty we love be
    what we do. There are
    hundreds of ways to kneel
    and kiss the ground.

    - Rumi

  • Teachers

    The teacher who is indeed
    wise does not bid you to
    enter the house of wisdom
    but rather leads you to the
    threshold of your mind.

    - Kahlil Gibran

  • Yoga School

    You must be the change you
    wish to see in the world.

    - Ghandi

Welcome to Mudita Yoga

I invite you to Mudita, with an open heart and open arms, to come and experience yourself in your extraordinary potential - beyond your wildest imagination - in Joy!

Mudita is a Sanskrit word meaning joy. It is usually translated as “sympathetic” or “altruistic” joy, the pleasure that comes from delighting in other people’s well-being. There is an inner spring of infinite joy that is available to everyone at all times, regardless of circumstances.

The heart of Mudita yoga is the understanding that we are all one. Our invitation to you is to come as you are, feel at home, ease into your body, get out of your head, and re-connect to a place of lightness, peace, and love – to find the well-spring of Joy already within you. The more deeply we tap into this spring, the more aware we are of our true nature, the more possibility to...

Who are you not to ... be joy