“What is Love?” This age old question has been contemplated and answered in an attempt to define or encapsulate the experience of love.  The question is being pondered to this day, as love, in its infinite nature, leaves ample room for interpretation and experience.

Often in seeking the answer, the essence of love becomes confined, complicated through our beliefs about love. The Disney version of love leaves us feeling less than, left out, even somehow, someway unworthy of love.  We seek love, fight for love, say we love, while at the same time our beliefs and patterns have us judging, comparing, moving us further and further away from love that exists within us.  

Yoga shows us that Love is natural in its essence, flows through you, within you, love is you.  We are here to learn about love – how to envelope that love, feel love, express love, receive love, give love – truly, to be love.

To move beyond our beliefs that confine love we can ask ourselves:

What are the conditions I am placing on love?

What are the expectations of how love should look or feel that is blocking my heart?

What is hindering the flow of love in my life?

Exploration of these questions can show us where energy is blocked, help us see how we seek love in all the wrong places.   Exploration can help us experience love the way yoga teaches us, to see it is all around and within, waiting to be embraced, waiting to be felt and expressed.

I invite you to come to your mat, with these questions and an intention to break free from old patterns and beliefs that constrict the flow of love. To let this age old question be held within you.  Watch your practice take on a new quality with a simple intention to be an expression of the flow of love within us.  Love, given room beyond constriction of beliefs, will purely flow, coloring in every nuance, filling every cell.   

An experience of you, seen through the lens of love, will reveal what is real and what is in the way of love. 

Reunited with the flow of love within, reconnected with our hearts, may we all Be Love, Be Joy in the world!

 (February 2014)